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Hier finden Sie einen Auszug von Formaten, aus dem Print sowie TV Bereich, in welchen über Silk’n™ berichtet wurde.

003-fashion-january2009-cover 013-allure-dec2008icon allurelo-resoctober2008icon 010medestheticsseptember2008-coversmall
Winter 2009
At-home laser hair removal system
The Allure Magazine
Dezember 2008
Bright Ideas
The Allure Magazine
Oktober 2008
The Big Breakthroughs
September/October 2008
Silky Solution

cover_02 instyleseptember2008-icon press-covericon wallstreetjournal-april12008icon
The Aesthetic Guide
September 2008
Silk'n Enhances In-Office Hair Removal
September 2008
Hair Removal Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
The Allure Magaine
Juni 2008
Wall Street Journal
April 1, 2008
Hair-Razing Devices for the Home

01-city news-2009 01-nbcbayareajan2009iconsmall 012-goodmorningamerica-november62008-icon
City News
The End of Shaving
NBC Bay Area
January 2009
Do it Yourself Spa Treatments Come Home
Good Morning America
November 6, 2008
At Home Hair Removal

wjuly2008-evis-compressed_icon dt_icon-june08_new icon40
W Magazine
July 2008
Light-Powered Device for Hair Removal
Dermatology Times
June 2008
Light-Powered Device for Hair Removal
The Rachael Ray Show
July 28, 2008
Skin Care Solutions

theaestheticguide-may-june2008 logo bwlogo_webmain
The Aesthetic Guide
May/June 2008
Silk'n™ Home-Use Hair Removal
NBC, The Today Show
April 17, 2008
Hair today, gone tomorrow?
Business Wire
March 24, 2008
Silk'n™ Cleared by FDA


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